For the book clubs…

For the Book Clubs...

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UPCOMING RELEASE: Mistress for Hire

Release Date: 9/25/2018 (Trade)
Publisher: Kensington/Dafina
ISBN-10: 1496716523 | ISBN-13: 978-1496716521
Series: Mistress #5

National bestselling author Niobia Bryant detonates an explosive, relentlessly shocking tale of betrayal, desire, and revenge as a dish best never served . . .

She cheated with one of her best friends’ husbands—and turned scathing publicity into
cash-money celebrity. But Jessa Bell has reformed. She’s trying to make amends to those she did wrong, and she’s started a successful business catching rich unfaithful spouses. Her agents are beautiful lost girls who get a shot at the good life. And when Jessa’s sizzling affair with private detective Hammer turns into love and marriage, she’s sure she’s finally doing things right . . . Until she catches Hammer sleeping with one of her agents just months after their wedding. His betrayal, plus the return of someone from her past who is being used by her deadliest enemy, makes Jessa go back to her old ways with a vengeance . . .

Now Jessa’s leaving no secret buried as she pursues every forbidden passion—and shatters the lives of those who cross her. But it’s the enemies Jessa doesn’t see coming who have her dead in their sights. And she’ll need to up her game past the limit to face a devastating truth—and survive.

Praise for the Mistress series:
Enthralls to the last twist.” —RT Book Reviews
A fast-paced, sexy romp.” —APOOO Book Club

Paperback: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books A Million | IndieBound | Walmart
eBook: Kindle | Nook | iTunes | Google Play | Kobo

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Queen Series


If you are looking forward to the Proud Mary movie starring Taraji (I know I am), or you’re excited about the Christie Love reboot, then my Queen series is worthy of a read. Check out my take on a modern day Foxy Brown solving crimes and whipping a*s! And I have not forgotten part 3, QUEEN’S PAWN, where Queen goes undercover to discover if the heroin overdose death of her neighbor and friend wasn’t murder in disguise.


From one of the most daring voices in urban fiction comes a sexy new novel about a modern-day Foxy Brown who goes undercover in a dangerous quest for revenge.
Naeema ”Queen” Cole takes care of herself. From the death of her parents when she was just eleven years old to when she found herself pregnant and alone at sixteen, Naeema has had to make her own way in the world. She gave up her son for adoption and became an apprentice at a barber shop, making just enough money to pay the bills and get high off medicinal weed. She tried being a wife, but ultimately found that she and Tank, now her ex-husband, are better friends and occasional lovers than partners. Naeema prefers to be on her own; no responsibilities, no rules.
But the sudden and brutal murder of Brandon, the son she never knew, forces Naeema to reconsider the way she has lived her life. Brandon was involved with a notorious band of Newark bank robbers, and Naeema is convinced his gang life was her fault. Desperate to avenge her son’s death and determined to take justice into her own hands, Naeema becomes “Queen” as she infiltrates the gang to discover her boy’s killer. But when she starts to fall for the leader of the crew, will she still have the resolve to do what must be done?


In this heart-pounding sequel to the explosive novel Kiss the Ring, Naeema “Queen” Cole races against the clock to figure out who attacked her man and why—before it’s too late.
Life finally seems to have calmed down for Naeema “Queen” Cole. After she brought down the Make Money Crew, Newark’s most notorious bank robbing gang, she was able to make peace with the son she never knew. His memory is even starting to feel like a blessing, rather than a curse. She and her on-again off-again husband Tank are back on and stronger than ever. But just when she thought she could put away her undercover identity as “Queen” and just be Naeema, Tank is attacked while out on a job guarding a high-profile celebrity.
Everyone thinks it was the celebrity who was the target, but Naeema knows the attack was personal. With Tank in critical condition and everyone else looking in all the wrong places, it’s up to her to find out which of Tank’s enemies would dare to mess with her man.
Hailed for her “fast-paced action, sizzling erotic sex, and a heartwarming kick-ass heroine,” (Publishers Weekly), Meesha Mink is back with another thrilling tale following Naeema on the hunt for a killer, because she’ll die before she lets anyone take away her king.

For more book info, reviews, and ordering links please click the title of each book.

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Until we meet (online) again…


Time 4 my annual social media shutdown 4 the holidays. Thank y’all 4 hanging around, patiently waiting, during my 3 YEAR BREAK–and for pushing me to get back at it. Just some updates in case you’re wondering about upcoming books while I’m away…

2018 Releases:

  • Between January &  March – Welcome Back, My Love: A Strong Family Novella (Romance Fiction)
  • April – A Billionaire Affair (Romance Fiction)
  • October – Mistress for Hire (Fiction)
  • October – Tempting the Billionaire (Romance Fiction)
  • Yes, at some point there will be a follow-up to Want, Need, Love answering which of Mona’s sisters tames Hunter and giving y’all a little more of those beloved aunts Winnie and Millie (Hey there, bye there!). Also, in my novella Just Say Yes: A Strong Family Novella (Now available wherever eBooks are sold 🙂 ) Mona and Anson make an appearance and there’s a scene where Mona catches a small but telling moment Hunter shares with one of her sisters. Pure chemistry? YES! A reveal of which sister? No. Not yet. Sorry.

For any other questions about any of my books please peruse this site or I can answer it in 2018 when I return online.

Other than that, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Blessed Kwanzaa!

With Love,


(Oh, and buy books as a gift and encourage folks to read!)

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Coming April 1st…


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