Message from a Mistress (The Movie)

MESSAGE FROM A MISTRESS  has been adapted to film! I am so excited to see this book, which was loosely based on a 1940s film, come full circle back to being a movie. Love it! Big thanks to the producer/director, Barry Bowles, for discovering my book and believing in it being adapted. Started from a phone convo now we here!


View the movie trailer!

Available May 2nd

Thank you in advance for your pre-orders!


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Good news…

Just Say yES

JUST SAY YES (A Strong Family Novella) has been hand picked by the Barnes and Noble Nook Press team as a part of its “NOOK Press Presents” list featuring exciting new and upcoming releases for October and November .

Also, stay tuned for upcoming release date of the paperback edition of JUST SAY YES. (Yup, I changed my mind! #WomansPerogative)


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In my feelings…


Years ago, I was at Romance Slam Jam and a reader gave me her copy of Three Times a Lady in the Black Expressions hardcover edition. It was my second book and my first time as a Black Expression selection  I had never seen it and she wanted me to have it. The gift moved me to tears. I think her name was Sharon. I really should remember it, especially since I promised to give her a free copy of every book I ever write. I owe her more than quite a few. My apologies to her. Blame my head and not my heart.blankspace

I bring up the story because I need for y’all to understand how grateful I am for the support you all show me. For the second time in my career, I walked away for two years, and for the second time in my career, the readers welcomed me back with open arms.
Last time I checked, JUST SAY YES was doing very well–all with no advertising or real promotion except posting on social media.
So, I cried today–a gentle tear or three and not a full blown, shoulder shaking, snot evoking rumble–but a good gentle cry of thanks and surprise. I ain’t shame. I am SO appreciative. Please know that I really love y’all for loving my books. With each book, I feel myself getting better and better. I give my all to these books of ours.  I leave it all on those pages.
Thank y’all for giving a damn. 4Real.
With much luv and appreciation,
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