PAPERBACK REPRINT: Admission of Love

NobiaBryant_AdmissionOfLove_200ADMISSION OF LOVE | Now available in paperback again!

Series: Hot Holtsville #1

WINNER: 2000 Romance in Color Award for Best New Author and 2000 Shades of Romance Award for Best African-American Romance

She’s at the top of her glamorous profession – but now supermodel Chloe Bolton is determined to find a more rewarding, peaceful life. As soon as she tries to settle down in her mothers’ rural South Carolina town, she is at instant odds with handsome, reserved Devon Jamison…

Burned by a self-absorbed ex-girlfriend, Devon was sure Chloe was the same shallow type. He’d bet good money she probably wouldn’t stick around Holtsville long enough to see the foundation for her dream house poured. But he soon found Chloe’s spirit and strength challenging him and his carefully-shielded emotions. Now amid hidden hurt and unexpected romantic rivals, Devon and Chloe must discover what they want most and have always waited for.

aolPlease Note: “Admission of Love” was originally published in paperback in 2000. It is now available in paperback again exclusively via Amazon.con.


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NEW PAPERBACK RELEASE – The Novellas: Could It Be?/More & More

The NovellasTHE NOVELLAS: Could It Be?/More and More

My novellas, “Could It Be?” and “More and More”, were originally published in paperback anthologies, but in 2015 I sold them separately in eBook format. Now I am releasing them together in paperback, exclusively available on

Two “sexy, funny & oh so real” romance novellas from bestselling author Niobia Bryant…

COULD IT BE? – Celebrity fashion stylist–and NY it girl– Ameena Jones makes it her business to keep her thumb on the pulse of what’s new, fresh and trendy in the hometown she loves. When one of her best gal pals invites her to a night of speed dating, Ameena’s willing to give it try if for nothing else then fun kicks. She never imagined she would find love. Sparks instantly fly when she meets successful sports and entertainment attorney Marcus Daniel. Although his quiet and reserved traditional style is so different from her own vibrant, modern, and hip living they are instantly drawn to one another. Now that they’ve found each other life will never be the same…

MORE AND MORE – Mocha Nivens enjoys the casual nature of her long-term, long-distance relationship with businessman Dean Kincaid, but she ends it when he moves back to town wanting more. When Dean dates other women, Mocha realizes what she’s lost, but is it too late to claim the love she deserves?

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eBook: More and More (Romance Novella) –  Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo

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Love Without Limits rev


Excerpt of LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS by Niobia Bryant. ©2017. Published by Infinite Ink Presents… All rights reserved. May contain explicit language and sexual content. Translation of foreign words during their first use in the excerpt are in parentheses.


Captain Anansi Nyame crossed his strong muscular arms over his chest as he stood with his legs apart looking out the window of the observation deck of the Spaceship Infinite. He squinted his ebony eyes in deep concentration as the massive ship orbited above his home planet of Erised. He took in the vast blue-black world surrounded by three aduus (suns) and a baatii (moon). Soon he would be transported from the bridge of the large and powerful vessel to the comfort of his mana (home). It had been nearly six ji’as (months) since last he was home. He had mixed feelings about his return—or rather mixed feelings about the reason for his return. His thoughts were troubled, and nothing soothed him.

“Worried about tomorrow?”

Anansi’s eyes focused on the reflection of his best friend and first mate, Daryan Dvani, in the glass before him. He briefly looked at him over his shoulder as he slid his hands into the pockets of his form-fitting, one-piece, military uniform. “It’s not every day that a masculine meets his lifemate,” he answered, his deep baritone voice tinged with sarcasm.

Daryan grunted in agreement.

It was the wish of Anansi’s abbaa (father) and the ruling council that Anansi and Giiftiin (Princess) Oduda Diasi of the planet Kordi meet and spend some time together before the official announcement of their cidha (wedding). They wanted the pretense of it being anything but what it was…an arranged union. Oduda was scheduled to arrive at Erised tomorrow.

Daryan bit back a smile. “I wouldn’t mind having Giiftiin Oduda as my lifemate. She’s beautiful, rich, powerful and sexy as can be. Uh…no disrespect.”

Anansi smiled slightly at his friend. “None taken. She’s all that you said and more. But if I had a choice, she wouldn’t be my lifemate.”

“But you are, aren’t you?” Daryan asked, his tone as resigned as his friend felt.

Anansi eyes focused on an urjii (star) shooting above the ship. “The gaa’ila (marriage) will ensure the signing of the peace treaty ending the war between the Kordis and the Empaths, securing the freedom of the Empath’s gabras (slaves),” he said, before releasing a sigh heavy with the weight of his obligations. “There’s been enough senseless killing over something as immutable as race. Yes, yes, she will be my lifemate.”

They lapsed into silence.

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