EXCERPT: LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS (Prologue and Chapter One)

Love Without Limits revLOVE WITHOUT LIMITS | Now Available

Excerpt of LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS by Niobia Bryant. ©2017. Published by Infinite Ink Presents… All rights reserved. May contain explicit language and sexual content. Translation of foreign words during their first use in the excerpt are in parentheses.


Life is never quite what you expect it to be. It is a series of unexpected events that can send you spiraling through phases of glorious good or hellish bad. Turned on your head. Pleasantly reclined on your back. Begging on your hands and knees. Standing resilient on your feet. Knocked flat on your behind.

One solitary tear raced down the beautiful mocha face of Aja Drakar. She didn’t dare raise her hand to swipe it away because more would follow. In the darkness, she felt the steady trickle of that lone tear, up until it dropped from the edge of her oval face so similar to her da’ee’s (mother’s). The high cheekbones, the feline eyes a startling shade of honey, the pale metallic gold moles on her chin and on her forehead that were characteristic of her people. Full lips that used to be ready to smile in a second and brown streaked hair flowed in soft waves nearly to her waist. All of it was a reflection of her.

Another tear fell.

Aja closed her eyes and fought back the instinct to release a deep guttural moan as a wave of pain radiated across her chest. Sorrow. It now ran so deep that she wondered if there was ever a moment she had truly been happy. Her people had suffered. Wounded. Dead. Enslaved.

She never expected there would be a race war.
She never expected there would be such violence and death.
She never thought she’d feel her Empath powers fade.
She never thought she’d lose her entire family.
She never thought she’d lose her freedom.
Life is never quite what you expect it to be.

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NEW RELEASE: Love Without Limits

Love WithoutrevLOVE WITHOUT LIMITS                                                   Available in paperback or an eBook

Same desire. Same passion. Same love. Different world.

They were from different worlds in the midst of a war that should have torn them apart. But after everything is over, can love conquer all?

Aja and her people, the Empaths, have become casualties in an intergalactic war. When Aja is captured, she vows never to become a sex slave. But she must bide her time before she can escape her reluctant captor, no matter how sexually tempting he is.

Anansi has been ‘gifted’ a beautiful gabra or sex slave, who he finds hard to resist. He keeps her captive to protect her from being enslaved by anyone else. But the longer his gabra, Aja, is with him, the harder it is for him to fulfill his destiny. Will he choose love or his legacy?

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UPCOMING ROMANCE: A Billionaire Affair

9781335216656_smpA BILLIONAIRE AFFAIR | April 1, 2018

Harlequin Kimani Romance #569

Alessandra Dalmount has been groomed since birth to assume the joint reins of her father’s empire. Now that day has arrived, forcing her to not only abandon her own career goals, but work closely with co-CEO and childhood nemesis Alek Ansah. As they battle for control of the billion-dollar conglomerate, Alessandra fights her attraction to the international playboy that could sabotage her professional future.

Although he pursued other dreams, Alek must honor his late father’s request or risk losing his shares of the Ansah Dalmount Group. But the shy girl he knew has matured into a sophisticated businesswoman he can’t resist. And at a private island resort, he and Alessandra end up making love, not war. Then a shocking revelation erodes her trust…and a breaking scandal could leave only one standing. Can they turn their intense rivalry into a blueprint for success that includes a permanent alliance of love?

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