(OOP): Out of Print

(MM): Mass Market Paperback Edition

(AU): Audiobook

(LP): Large Print

(LIB) : Library Edition

(E): E-book

(BE): BlackExpressions Book Club

Updated: April 10, 2014


Writing as Niobia Bryant (Romance-Mass Market Paperbacks)

Admission of Love (8/2000) BET Books/ Arabesque (OOP)

Three Times a Lady (6/2001) BET Books/ Arabesque (OOP)

Heavenly Match (8/2004) BET Books/ Arabesque (OOP)

Can’t Get Next to You (3/2005) BET Books/Arabesque (OOP)

Let’s Do it Again (12/2005) Harlequin/Arabesque (OOP)

You Never Know (3/2006) Harlequin/Arabesque (Anthology) (OOP)

Heated (6/2006) Kensington/Dafina (E)

Count on This (9/2006) Harlequin/Arabesque (OOP)

Hot Like Fire (11/2007) Kensington/Dafina (OOP)(E) — Will be reissued 5/2014!

Make You Mine (5/2009) Kensington/ Dafina (E)(AU)

Give Me Fever (5/2010) Kensington/Dafina (E)(AU)

The Hot Spot (8/2011) Kensington/Dafina (E)(BE)(AU)

Heat Wave (7/2011) Kensington/Dafina (Anthology) (E)(BE)

Red Hot (9/2012) Kensington/Dafina (E)(AU)(BE)

Strong Heat (12/2013) Kensington/Dafina (E)

Want, Need, Love (12/2/2014) Kensington/Dafina


Writing as Niobia Bryant (Mainstream-Trade Sized Paperback)

Live and Learn (3/2007) Kensington/ Dafina (E)(MM)

Show and Tell (6/2008) Kensington/ Dafina (E)(MM)

Message From a Mistress (3/2010) Kensington/ Dafina  (E)(MM)(AU)(BE)

Mistress No More (6/2011) Kensington/Dafina (E)(AU)(MM)(BE)

Reckless (5/2012) Kensington/Dafina (Anthology) (E)(AU)(BE)(MM)

Mistress, INC. (6/2012) Kensington/Dafina (E)(AU)(BE)

Never Keeping Secrets (6/2013) Kensington/Dafina (E)(AU)(BE)(LP)

The Pleasure Trap (10/28/2014) Kensington/Dafina


Writing as Niobia Simone (Erotica)

Caramel Flava edited by Zane (4/2006) S & S/Atria (Anthology)


Writing as Meesha Mink (Urban Fiction)

Desperate Hoodwives (1/2008) Simon & Schuster/Touchstone (E)(MM)(BE)

Shameless Hoodwives (8/2008) Simon & Schuster/Touchstone (E)(BE)

The Hood Life (1/2009) Simon & Schuster/Touchstone (E)(BE)

Real Wifeys: On The Grind (1/2011) S & S/Touchstone (E)(AU)(BE)

Real Wifeys: Get Money (1/2012) S & S/Touchstone (E)(AU)(BE)

Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard (1/2013) S & S/Touchstone (E)(AU)(BE)

Kiss The Ring (8/5/2014) S & S /Touchstone


Writing as Simone Bryant (Young Adult/YA Fiction/Teen Fiction)

FABULOUS (2/2010) Harlequin/Kimani Tru (E)(LIB)

FAMOUS (1/2011) Harlequin/Kimani Tru (E)

GLAMOROUS (TBD) Harlequin/Kimani Tru



REISSUES: Mass Market

Mistress, INC. (10/2014) – Mass Market Reissue (All Outlets)

Hot Like Fire (5/2014) – Mass Market reissue w/ new cover (All Outlets)

Mistress No More (9/2013) – Mass Market editions (All Outlets)

Message from a Mistress (5/2013) – Mass Market edition (All Outlets)

Live and Learn (4/2013) – Special Wal-Mart Mass Market edition

Reckless (3/2013)  – Mass Market edition (All Outlets)

Desperate Hoodwives (10/2012) — Mass Market edition (All Outlets)

Message from a Mistress (5/2012) – Special Wal-Mart Mass Market edition

Heated (3/2012) — Special WalMart Mass Market edition

Show and Tell (5/2011) — Mass Market edition (All Outlets)

Live and Learn (2/2010)–Mass Market edition (All Outlets)


REISSUES: Audiobooks

Strong Heat (3/2014) – narrated by Shari Peele

Never Keeping Secrets (8/2013) – narrated by Patricia R. Floyd

Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard (5/2013) – narrated by Honey Jones

Red Hot (11/19/2012) – narrated by Shari Peele

Mistress, INC. (8/2012) – narrated by Soozi Cheyenne

Real Wifeys: Get Money (7/2012) – narrated by Honey Jones

Reckless (4/2012) – narrated by Nicole Small

The Hot Spot (11/2011) – narrated by Shari Peele

Mistress No More (10/2011) – narrated by Soozi Cheyenne

Give Me Fever (2/2011) – narrated by Shari Peele

Real Wifeys: On The Grind (1/2011) – narrated by Honey Jones

Message from a Mistress (11/2010) – narrated by Soozi Cheyenne


REISSUES:  BlackExpressions/Book Club Hardcover Editions

Strong Heat (12/2013)

Never Keeping Secrets (6/2013)

Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard (1/2013)

Red Hot (9/2012)

Mistress, INC. (5/2012)

Reckless – An Anthology (4/2012)

Real Wifeys: Get Money (1/2012)

The Hot Spot (8/2011)

Heatwave – An Anthology (7/2011)

Mistress No More (5/2011)

Real Wifeys: On The Grind (1/2011)

Message from a Mistress (2/2010)

The Hood Life (1/2009) (No Longer Available)

Shameless Hoodwives (No Longer Available)

Desperate Hoodwives (No Longer Available)

Three Times a Lady (No Longer Available)


REISSUES:  Large Print edition (Thorndike Press)

Never Keeping Secrets (12/2013)



* Hot Holtsville (all books set in the fictional town of Holtsville, SC)

  • Admission of Love
  • Heavenly Match
  • Heated
  • Hot Like Fire
  • Give Me Fever
  • The Hot Spot
  • Red Hot
  • Strong Heat
  • Want, Need, Love (Coming Decemer 2014)

* Strong Family (all books centered on just the Strong family)

  • Heated
  • Hot Like Fire
  • Give Me Fever
  • The Hot Spot
  • Red Hot
  • Strong Heat

* Connected Books:

  • Three Times A Lady
  • Make You Mine

* Connected Books:

  • Can’t Get Next to You
  • Count on This

* Connected Books:

  • Admission of Love
  • Heavenly Match

* Stand Alone Books:

  • Let’s Do it Again
  • You Never Know/ ” Could it Be?” (Anthology)
  • Heat Wave/ “One Hot Summer” (Anthology)


* Mistress Series

  • Message from a Mistress
  • Mistress No More
  • Mistress, Inc.
  • The Pleasure Trap (Coming November 2014)

* Friends & Sins Series:

  • Live and Learn
  • Show and Tell
  • Never Keeping Secrets

*Stand Alone Book(s):

  • Reckless/ “Sinful” (Anthology)


* Real Wifeys Trilogy

  • Real Wifeys: On The Grind
  • Real Wifeys: Get Money
  • Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard

*Bentley Manor/Hoodwives Trilogy (Co-Writer)

  • Desperate Hoodwives
  • Shameless Hoodwives
  • The Hood Life

* Queen Series

  • Kiss The Ring (August 5, 2014)


* Pace Academy Novels / Pacesetters Series

  • Fabulous
  • Famous
  • Glamorous (TBD)