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Excerpt of LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS by Niobia Bryant. ©2017. Published by Infinite Ink Presents… All rights reserved. May contain explicit language and sexual content. Translation of foreign words during their first use in the excerpt are in parentheses.


Captain Anansi Nyame crossed his strong muscular arms over his chest as he stood with his legs apart looking out the window of the observation deck of the Spaceship Infinite. He squinted his ebony eyes in deep concentration as the massive ship orbited above his home planet of Erised. He took in the vast blue-black world surrounded by three aduus (suns) and a baatii (moon). Soon he would be transported from the bridge of the large and powerful vessel to the comfort of his mana (home). It had been nearly six ji’as (months) since last he was home. He had mixed feelings about his return—or rather mixed feelings about the reason for his return. His thoughts were troubled, and nothing soothed him.

“Worried about tomorrow?”

Anansi’s eyes focused on the reflection of his best friend and first mate, Daryan Dvani, in the glass before him. He briefly looked at him over his shoulder as he slid his hands into the pockets of his form-fitting, one-piece, military uniform. “It’s not every day that a masculine meets his lifemate,” he answered, his deep baritone voice tinged with sarcasm.

Daryan grunted in agreement.

It was the wish of Anansi’s abbaa (father) and the ruling council that Anansi and Giiftiin (Princess) Oduda Diasi of the planet Kordi meet and spend some time together before the official announcement of their cidha (wedding). They wanted the pretense of it being anything but what it was…an arranged union. Oduda was scheduled to arrive at Erised tomorrow.

Daryan bit back a smile. “I wouldn’t mind having Giiftiin Oduda as my lifemate. She’s beautiful, rich, powerful and sexy as can be. Uh…no disrespect.”

Anansi smiled slightly at his friend. “None taken. She’s all that you said and more. But if I had a choice, she wouldn’t be my lifemate.”

“But you are, aren’t you?” Daryan asked, his tone as resigned as his friend felt.

Anansi eyes focused on an urjii (star) shooting above the ship. “The gaa’ila (marriage) will ensure the signing of the peace treaty ending the war between the Kordis and the Empaths, securing the freedom of the Empath’s gabras (slaves),” he said, before releasing a sigh heavy with the weight of his obligations. “There’s been enough senseless killing over something as immutable as race. Yes, yes, she will be my lifemate.”

They lapsed into silence.

For the last two torbaans (weeks), Oduda’s abbaa, Kyl Diasi, the ruler of the planet Kordi used all of his might and power to invade, bully and wipe out thousands of Empaths on their planet Nede. His intent was twofold. The Kordi’s disdain for the simple living Empath people on the neighboring planet of Nede was well known. Their desire to live humbly, even with technological advances overtaking other planets in the galaxy, was ridiculed. Their primitive culture made the Empaths an easy target. The Kordis exploited that weakness and only their desire to claim the valuable nkumes (rare stones) found on the small rural planet topped their hatred of its inhabitants.

In truth, the Kordis were not the only ones in the galaxy looking at the nkumes with a longing. Outside of their use for illumination and as an energy source, they were valuable for their rarity.

Anansi was willing to acknowledge the irony of those with a steadfast alliance to bucolic living moving to a planet that contained a rare energy source. Through their surveillance, the discovery that the Empaths were barely scratching the surface to the varied uses of the nkumes, made it a bit sad. It was a waste. He shook his head a bit at the thought of it.

Anansi did not share the Kordis disdain for Empaths, but he didn’t understand their resistance to change and their abhorrence to advancement.

As the direct heir to the throne of Erised, Anansi was well aware of the history of Empaths on his home planet. They faced ridicule and harsh treatment because of their empathy and healing powers. He agreed that the ruling powers of the planet all those years ago—his abuturoos (ancestors)—did nothing to help protect them.

His eyes filled with regret and then determination.

It was time to fix that.

The Acirfa Galaxy was home to nearly fifty planets governed by The Council, an intergalactic sovereign body comprised of the leaders of the seven largest planets. Kordi nor Nede were members of the alliance, and neither fell under the protection or rules of The Council. With their history of animosity for Erisedians—the ruling planet of the galaxy—the Empaths had never sought inclusion in the coalition, while the Kordis’ attempts at joining were consistently refused because of their tendency towards violence and corruption. With the invaluable nkumes now in their control, the Kordis had major leverage.

“It’s a lot on your shoulders, Anansi.”

He briefly glanced over his broad shoulder at Daryan, nodding in agreement. “The Council wants to end the senseless violence and mayhem of the Kordis against the Empaths,” he said, his look becoming pensive. “Especially with the Kordis using Empaths as gabras.”

“Disgusting,” Daryan spat.

“That’s not a strong enough description for it,” Anansi said, his tone grave and dark. “It has to end. Such heinous behavior will not tarnish the legacy of the Acirfa galaxy.”

Daryan came up to stand beside his friend. “Are you resigned to your role in it all?” he asked, giving him a brief sideways glance.

Anansi remained quiet.

The negotiations between The Council and Kyl Diasi had been lengthy, but the terms had been set. The proposed treaty with Kordi would free the hundreds of Empath gabras. Both Kordi and Nede would join the coalition, bringing them under the governing laws and protection of The Council and open up the rare nkume stones for commodity trade. The Kordis would receive their membership in the coalition and wealth from the trade of the nkumes. The Empaths would win their peace, their freedom, and the right to live as they pleased on their planet. The Council would strengthen its control of the galaxy and benefit from the trade, as well.

Win-win-win. Right?


Two torbaans later, Anansi learned the role he would play in all of it. He released a heavy sigh. The treaty, the trade agreement, and the freedom of the gabras all hinged on the success of his union to Giiftiin Oduda Diasi.

My life has never been my own.

He was the son of Hwosi Kan Nyame, the moticha (king) of planet Erised and the Supreme Principal of The Council, making Anansi heir to a very influential throne. He had been raised his entire life to fulfill his obligations. To lead. To sacrifice. To do what’s best for the greater good of his planet and the entire galaxy.

I have no choice.

Anansi was also the Captain of the Spaceship Infinite for the coalition’s military forces. A champion and victor just like his abbaa and many generations before him. It was in his blood.

“It is all for the best, Anansi,” Daryan said, reaching up to pull the waist-length twisted locs that were characteristic of all Erisedians masculines back from his square and handsomely rugged face.

Anansi smirked. What would have been best was if my abbaa respected my life and my wishes enough to consult me before I was traded away like chattel.

As close as he and Daryan were, Anansi would never verbalize his annoyance. Even in the face of trying times, Anansi had more respect than that. Moticha Hwosi Kan Nyame was a great leader.

Anansi squinted. “What of your mission?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Connect live feed,” Daryan said into the wireless communicator on his wrist.

They turned as the glass monitor on the far wall illuminated, and the room darkened. The crystal-clear image of a round blue and green planet appeared before zooming in on a busy urban landscape with buildings tall enough for the tips to touch the vibrant blue skies.

Anansi crossed his arms over his solid chest as he eyed the bustling movement of the planet’s inhabitants. “I’m always so amazed that we are from two different worlds, yet we don’t look that different,” he said, as he studied the images on the komputara (computer).

“It will make our assignment on Earth easier,” Daryan said. “The makeup of their atmosphere, climate and weather patterns is intriguing.”

“And the transition to its environment is safe?” Anansi asked.

“Yes, we have undetectable nostril filters to breathe safely of their air, and the ear buds to translate their language,” Daryan said with pride, having led the planning of their exploration to Earth for the last bara (year).

“And the physical characteristics of our people?” Anansi asked, referring to the Jeyna people’s solid black eyes and the markings on their arms.

“The eye covers replicating that of earthlings is complete, and the markings on our arms resemble what they call tattoos.”

Anansi nodded as he turned away from the komputara. “I wish I could join you.”

“Your mission is just as important,” Daryan reminded him.

Anansi grunted. “A lifelong union should be about love. Not a mission,” he said, turning back to the window to gaze at the urjiis. “Right?”

At Daryan’s continued silence, Anansi looked over his shoulder. His face filled with curiosity as he watched his friend walk closer to the display and tapped it.

“Zoom target,” Daryan stated.

Moments later the image of a beautiful dark-skinned feminine earthling appeared. She made quite an impression striding up the middle of the street with large kinky curls blowing in the wind, wearing a beautiful crimson suit that made her stand out in the substantial crowd.

Daryan tapped the monitor again. “Zoom target,” he repeated, the varying colors from the images playing against his black eyes.

Her face filled the komputara. She was gorgeous, and the oversized spectacles she wore did nothing to hide that.

Anansi’s eyes went from the face of his friend to the earthling and back again. “Stay focused on your goals, first mate,” he said sternly, quickly slipping back into the role of his commander and not his friend. He came over to slap him soundly on the back.

“End live feed,” Daryan ordered, before awkwardly clearing his throat.

The images disappeared.

“Distraction can lead to destruction,” Anansi reminded him.

“And she would be a distraction,” Daryan agreed with a nod.

Anansi moved away from his friend again and released a heavy breath, feeling the weight of the worlds, he was forced to save on his broad shoulders. He spent the majority of his time aboard the ship traveling the vast galaxy, but at that moment he had never yearned so badly for the peace and luxury of his sprawling mana.

His arranged first meeting with Giiftiin Oduda meant taking a temporary leave of his command of Spaceship Infinite. He hadn’t been in need of a break, but he planned to enjoy the one forced on him.

He just couldn’t stand the public spectacle he was to make of himself. Both The Council and Kyl Diasi wanted to give the impression that the heir to the Erised throne had fallen for the Kordi giiftiin, in hopes of unifying the races across the galaxy after the signing of the treaty. The coalition would say, their love led to the truce, instead of the reverse.

“Be safe, my friend,” Anansi said as he stepped onto the circular transport dock of the observation deck.

“You too, Captain.”

The glass enclosure sealed around Anansi like a cylinder.

“Transference requested,” the automated feminine voice echoed inside the chamber. “Identify yourself.”

“Captain Anansi Nyame,” he said, as the tube filled with a greenish-blue light that came and went like a flash.

“Voice, retina and fingertip scan complete. Identity confirmed. Body prepared for transference. Destination?”

“My mana base,” he commanded.

“Transference confirmed.”

Anansi gave Daryan one final brief nod of his head just before he blinked. When his eyes opened, he was in the diinqa (bedroom) of his mana. He patiently waited a moment for his body’s homeostasis to return before the glass enclosure automatically opened.

He had docking stations throughout his home but preferred the one in his diinqa for when he left his ship. It was the most convenient because most times he was weary and just wanted to sleep.

Anansi barely took the time to take in the rugged design of his circular suite. His mana was lavish. The heir to a throne would have nothing less. The walls were padded and covered in black leather. On one section of the wall was a massive fireplace of ebony stones. The plush rugs covering the polished black floor were made of the hides of a thousand illeetis (animal similar to rabbits). His bedding was made of the finest huccuu (material that adjusts to body’s temperature), smooth enough to caress the worry from a masculine’s body and technologically designed to maintain that body at the perfect temperature.

With three aduus that cast the giant planet almost continuously in brilliant light, every bit of the design was both a luxury and necessity, including the window coverings that blocked out the light so that Erisedians were able to sleep under the pretense of darkness. The blackness of night only reigned nine times in a bara.

“Welcome back, Giiftiin.”

That was the masculine voice of XR-2, the virtual reality servant programmed to fulfill his every wish— whether spoken or unspoken. XR-2 handled everything including his meals, cleaning, and security. When he hosted events at his mana, he had a legion of like-like automatons ready to be programmed by XR-2 to do his bidding.

One of the things that made the Erisedians so powerful among the galaxy was their nanotechnology advancements. XR-2 and the automatons barely scratched the surface of the science they manipulated to their advantage. Gennii (scientists) on Erised had developed the neurotechnology ages ago and it was now commonplace to use brain imaging to personalize lifestyle and health habits.

He stripped off his black leather jacket and then unzipped his all-in-one form-fitting uniform before he kicked off his knee-length black boots. He removed everything and dropped it to the floor. It all immediately disappeared. XR-2 was hard at work.

He enjoyed the feel of the plush fur-skin rugs underneath his large feet as he strode his bronze frame to the opposite end of the large expansive diinqa. He twisted as much of his thin locs as he could atop his head as two hidden doors quietly slid open when he neared them. He entered his kutaa dhiqannaa (bathroom). Everything was black and uncomplicated in design because for him it was about the bare necessities.

Anansi stepped his eight-foot muscled body into the dhiqata, a glass-enclosed cleansing chamber. The door automatically shut behind him as he closed his beautiful ebony eyes and stood still with his well-toned arms at his sides. A mix of steam and cleaning solution filled the chamber. The vapors pressed against his sculpted frame easing the ache from his bones and dissolving away the dirt and bacteria from his body minimizing the waste of water on their planet.

He was relieved when the cleansing cycle ended, and the steam completely evaporated. When the door slid open, Anansi’s body was completely dry as he stepped out of the dhiqata. The slight draft from the door closing caused a “swoosh” of air to brush against his firm buttocks and the back of his muscular thighs.

He yawned as he walked back into his diinqa. His qanddii, a solid black base with a plush air mattress atop it, rose from the floor and drifted over to him. It hovered.

It was a qanddii made for pleasure, be it sleep or sex. There was nothing better for Anansi than burying his hardness into the walls of a voluptuous feminine as it floated around in dips and waves that intensified each deep and delicious stroke.

His muscle stirred between his thighs, lengthening and widening a bit, as he down. He pulled the huccuu sheet over his naked form and buried his head deeply beneath the many feathered sacs.

“Make love to me, my Anansi.”

He didn’t need to open his eyes to know “Sasha” lay in his qanddii (bed) beside him. Every inch of the skin covering the curvaceous frame was golden. Her round and full breasts, with taut and teasing nipples, were an even deeper shade of gold. Her hair was bright ivory as it flowed in waves to her perfectly formed buttocks. Her eyes were hazel and in sharp contrast to her skin. Her beauty was limitless. Her desire to please him was endless. Her abilities to sexually and sensually drain him were sublime.

A lifelike virtual reality lover generated from the very erogenous zones of his brain would be nothing less.

He felt her plush breasts pressed against his strong back as her leg moved atop his and her hand slid down to grasp his stirring member just the way he liked it. “I feel like going for a ride, my Anansi,” she whispered in his ear with a saucy suck of his lobe.

“Sasha off,” Anansi ordered without opening his eyes.

She disappeared in a flash.

Tomorrow he had so much on his plate to handle, but tonight he wanted nothing—absolutely nothing—but sleep. Just as his deep-set eyes drifted close, the window covers lowered bathing the diinqa in total and complete darkness.


Every moment Aja Drakar spent huddled in the corner, surrounded by darkness, with furry rodents brushing against her as they scurried past, the more hatred and the need for revenge consumed her.

She tried to summon her empathic powers, but nothing. No telepathy. No premonition dreams. No taking on the emotions and feelings of those she came in contact with when they brought her food and drink. Nothing.

Aja tilted her back against a stone wall. She could only guess that she had been entrapped for two torbaans (weeks). No qanddii. No light. No windows. She didn’t even know where she was being held. She awakened from her drugged state laying on the cold floor of her prison. She didn’t know who her captors were and that was important because she had every intention of killing them the first chance she got.

Anguish filled her. My family is dead.

Violent and painful images were her only distraction. She couldn’t escape them, even in her sleep. Memories of her family being vaporized by laser guns filled her nightmares. Friends and neighbors being imprisoned or killed left her sleepless.

The attack had been so sudden. So unexpected and destructive. Even if there had been a warning, it was a war the Empaths had no chance of winning.

Aja pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them tightly as she rocked her body back and forth a bit, seeking comfort.

What does life hold for me now?

The door to the room opened and a stream of light reflected on the floor. It widened. The shadow of two masculines filled the doorway. These were not the thin gabras that had brought her food and then scurried away. These masculines were warriors. That was evident from the outline of their towering size. Fear gripped Aja even as her hands balled into fists. She would never back down from a challenge or a fight, even when she knew the odds were against her.

They stepped inside, and each grabbed her roughly by the arm and jerked her up onto her feet. Aja fought and struggled against them as they tugged her towards the door, causing the top of her toes to drag against the cold stone of the floor. She barely felt the pain of that as her heart pounded with force and she felt panicked. She had never been taken from her prison before, and she had no idea what awaited her beyond that doorway.

Aja hollered out roughly as she summoned up as much strength as she could to lift her feet, bring her legs forward and swing them up to spread and then kick back towards their stomachs.

Their grips tightened until sharp darts of pain radiated up her arms. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming out.

“Where are we going? Where are you taking me?” Aja demanded in her native tongue.

They ignored her.

Her questions halted once they stepped into the light. Her face swung back and forth between them. They were tall and muscular, covered from head to toe in leather armor. Just like those who attacked Nede. She would recognize them anywhere.

Aja instantly straightened her spine, and her beautiful face became stoic. If she were to die at their hands, she would do so without begging or crying to be spared.

As they moved, she looked at the wide violet-colored palatial hallway with gilded trim and moldings. Everything from the furs lining the floor to the tint of the walls was a shade of purple. Aja found it garish.

What is this place?

They climbed steps to a set of double doors with pillars flanking them. The doors swung open with far too much grandeur to reveal a diinqa as large as four Nede goojjoos (huts) with a qanddii almost as large in the center of it.

A nude and curvaceous feminine with skin as deep as chollolaattaa (chocolate) sat astride a prone and equally naked masculine, her hips moving in a rhythmic motion while his hands deeply grasped the flesh of her quivering buttocks.

Aja’s eyes hardened.

The feminine glanced back at them, her hips still working her lover as he raised up to suck at her breasts. “I’ll just be a moment,” she said, before turning back to grasp her lover’s long blonde hair roughly.

Aja closed her eyes to the spectacle. Her mouth twisted in disgust as the lovers both cried out hoarsely as their sex came to an end. The heat and scent of their bodies were thick in the air.

“Welcome, gabra.”

Aja flinched at the word, knowing enough to comprehend what being called that meant.

She opened her eyes to find the feminine now standing before her with her nakedness still exposed by the sheer robe that hung open at her sides. Aja could not deny the beauty before her. Her body was entirely devoid of hair, and her smooth skin was dark brown with eyes that were brilliantly violet. The smoothness of her bald head only enhanced her high cheekbones, full lips, and deep-set, wide eyes framed by long thick lashes.

“I am Oduda Diasi, giiftiin of Planet Kordi,” she said as she circled Aja and the stoic guards slowly.

Aja stiffened.


Aja remembered from history lessons as a child that the Kordi planet was the nearest to Nede, but still too far for them to travel to with their rudimentary lifestyle.

Hatred for the feminine and her kind burned the back of Aja’s throat.

“What is your name, gabra?” Oduda asked, revealing that the tip of her tongue was slightly forked as she licked her bottom lip.

“Aja Drakar,” she answered with pride, her glare unflinching.

“Strip her,” Oduda ordered, placing her hands on her hips as she stood before them again.

Aja gasped in shock as her short tunic, now dirty and torn, was ripped from her body like it was nothing but paper. She struggled to have them release her arms to cover herself, but she was no match for the strength of the guards. She dropped her head to hide her shame and embarrassment. It jerked up when Oduda reached down and lightly stroked the soft curly hairs covering Aja’s plump mound at the top of her thighs. In a flash, Aja lifted her left foot and roughly kicked Oduda’s hand away from her.

Just as fast, violet eyes had flashed before she delivered a wicked backhand slap across Aja’s cheek that echoed like a whip to flesh.

“Aah,” Aja cried out. Her face stung, and she tasted blood inside her mouth.

Oduda laughed cruelly.

Aja lifted hate-filled eyes to her captor. “Do not touch me again,” she warned in a hard voice.

Oduda slapped her right cheek, sending Aja’s head swinging to the left. “Do not tell me what to do,” she returned disparagingly. “Be glad I have use of you, or you would be dead, gabra.”

“Be happy for your guards,” Aja lobbed back with boldness.

Oduda cocked her bald head to the side and batted her lush lashes at Aja before she gave her a wicked yet beautiful smile. She reached out quickly and pressed a small silver tube to Aja’s neck.

The effect of the sedative was all too familiar, and Aja remembered nothing after that as she slipped into a deep unconsciousness within moments.


Oduda watched Aja’s naked body go limp between the masculines. “Drop her,” she commanded sharply in her native Kordi tongue.

When the first round of imprisoned Empaths arrived at the Bwa Kasuwa (Slave Market) Oduda had been there to handpick those she wanted to possess personally. On first sight of the unconscious Empath lumped on the floor of the filthy xiyyaara (flying vehicle), Oduda could not deny her appeal. She was too beautiful to be a servant and draw the eye of one of Oduda’s many suitors, but Oduda couldn’t see letting a gem like her slip through her fingers. She had almost forgotten about the Empath locked in one of her underground rooms.

I knew she would come in handy one day. Yes, this gabra will be just the distraction I need.

“Leetoo,” she called out, even as her eyes continued to take in Aja’s smooth brown naked frame.

A small-framed feminine in a hooded cloak walked in, bowing in servitude and fear as she approached Oduda. “See that she is bathed, shaved thoroughly and that her hair and make-up are done.”

Leetoo Waizee averted her doe-like eyes away from the nude and curvaceous form of the feminine on the floor. “What to dress her in?” she asked, her voice barely higher than a whisper and filled with the constant terror in which she lived.

Oduda’s eyes pierced her docile and obedient servant. “Nothing. The work she will do for me will be well suited for her … nakedness.”

The medicine she infused into Aja’s blood was her own concoction. She had no doubts about its efficacy. It would ensure the gabra would not awaken during the short journey she was to make and fill her with the lascivious desire of one hundred gumnas (prostitutes).

Oduda turned as the guards picked Aja up and followed Leetoo. The sheer ends of her robe drifted up in the air behind her as she made her way back to her qanddii. She licked her full lips and stroked her hands softly over her bald scalp—it was the most potent erogenous zone of all Kordis.

She had been scheduled to meet her soon-to-be lifemate, Anansi Nyame, on his planet tomorrow, but her plans had changed for the better once she met Huung. She had been in her private booth at the Bwa Kasuwa when she spotted the blonde-haired, tall and brawny gabra broker moving through the massive crowds. His confidence was evident, and the way he moved through the crowd with a cocky wide leg stride like his member was too big to do otherwise intrigued her. The more she watched him, the more her curiosity won out. She had to know if her instincts were dead on and instantly discharged one of her guards to summon the trader to her.

They did so immediately.

She had cleared her private booth, made quick work of the introductions and then ordered him to lower his pants to see if he lived up to the name Huung. He had.

As the auction carried on, he mounted her from behind with her face and breasts pressed against the glass of her booth. The one-way glass shielded them and her rough cries of passion.

Oduda was no innocent to passion, and he impressed her. She wanted more of him, but he was on Kordi handling business for only one torbaan before he was to return to his planet of Zheen in the distant Acirema galaxy.

Her invite for him to spend that time in her qanddii was readily accepted.

Huung kicked off the huccuu sheets and spread his muscular thighs as he began to massage the full and thick length of his dick. It was already stirring to life in his hand. His name suited him so very well. Unfortunately, it was his greatest attribute. He was no great beauty or intellectual. Still, he—or rather it—served its purpose.

Oduda crawled onto the qanddii between his open legs and took his length into her mouth, sucking and licking him until his rod hardened and glistened.

She could please her abbaa and his grand ambition for power and respect or satisfy herself with the first masculine in a long time that had the skill and the tool to match her voracious sexual appetite. For her, there really was no choice, particularly when the last she saw of her betrothed, he was every bit of three hundred yecas or more. Hardly on the level of the physically sculptured and sexually aggressive masculines with whom she coupled.

As the giiftiin of Kordi, and the next in line to rule, her abbaa wanted her to become the lifemate of Anansi Nyame of Erised and she would, but this one last torbaan was hers to do as she saw fit. Anansi, her abbaa, and the entire coalition could—no, would—wait.

“Aaah,” Huung cried out hoarsely, his narrow hips writhing as she took him deep into her mouth and throat with vigor, causing her cheeks to cave.

“Say my name,” she whispered against his thick hardness as she stroked him tightly and with speed.

“O-O-du-du-du-da-da-da-da,” Huung stammered.

Her eyes locked on his sweaty face and pursed lips as he shivered in reaction to her. She felt power and desire flow through her like a drug.

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