Weight Loss Drama…Pray 4 a Sistah!!!

Okay.  Corticosteroids are a mixed blessing.  I have been on them since my eye surgery in May and although they helped immensely with my eye recovery I have packed on damn near twenty pounds–which is twenty more extra pounds this thick girl didn’t need worth a damn.  So they have finally lowered my medicine dosage and this is one chick determined to lose my new weight plus some more.

Side Note: I have no problem with big women who have the swagger to carry off their weight–be it a size ten or a twenty, but I have never been the size I am now so I feel uncomfortable.  All my fly ass clothes don’t fit and I think I’ve gone up a damn shoe size.  I got a mad shoe fetish and I feel like wearing my heels is kicking my ass.

So today I have started my weight loss program and I am determined as hell to get back to my size 12.  Not a 10 and not a 14.  A solid 12. I have to get back in my clothes and get healthy.  Heart disease runs in my family on both sides and I have hypertension–and I’m know I’m wrong but mostly I want to be able to get in all my cute clothes and shoes.  So I joined Dr. Ian Smith’s 50 Million Pound Challenge today. YEAH!!!! I’m not listing my weight goal–no way no how–but I am excited about getting myself back together. 

Check the 50 Million Pound Challenge site for more info and hopefully to be encouraged to get more fit today.  Drop me a note if you plan to join in on the challenge as well.

Best, N.

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