The Year of the Hoodwives

There are many sides to me.  A lover, a fighter, a reader and a writer.  I can read anything between the pages of a book and now I’m happy as hell that I have the chance to write anything I want.  My first mainstream/women’s fiction (Live and Learn) is a success but I had to give life and voice to that part of me that will always be a ghetto girl at heart.  I feel blessed for you all to meet Meesha Mink.  Some of you will be surprised. Some will complain. Most will love it.  Regardless, this is a part of me.  The real me.  I am hyped as hell, y’all.

For more on Desperate Hoodwives (which is now available. HINT. HINT) check out our official website.

This is urban fiction and I want you all to enjoy what I promise you is a damn good story that could be told in any setting. Open your minds.



About Niobia Bryant

National bestselling author. Also writes as Meesha Mink.
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3 Responses to The Year of the Hoodwives

  1. Tiffany says:

    Niobia, I have Desperate Hoodwives and I can’t wait to read it. I know it will be a page turner!!

  2. An'Jenic says:

    Hi Niobia I glad that you can let the real you come out. And I can honestly say that I enjoyed Desperate Hoodwives when I got done I was like damn when book 2 gone get here. So now I just waiting and waiting LOL but it will be here soon. And I will be getting my copy. Any way it will give me something to do while my honey bun is out to sea, for 3 long months. = (

  3. Thanks ladies.

    I appreciate the luv and support.


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