Week 2: The Contest continues…

First, let me say you all filled my email inbox with answers. I’m always surprised at the large turnout for contests.  Hopefully, just as many of you will try out this week’s contest question. That’s right, one down and seven to go.  For all the details on the contest check out this post.

First, let’s do a little house cleaning from last week.

The contest question:  What song played during Garcelle’s sexy dance for Kade?

The answer: “I’m Your Woman”.

The winner:LaKendra T.   of area code (704).  I think that’s Charlotte.

Congrats, LaKendra.   Be sure to privately email me your mailing address and your selection from the list of prizes.  I would also love if you would drop a little comment.  Remember you are eligible to also enter this week’s contest.

On to new business. 

Please list every member of the Strong family mentioned in the series so far.  (Hint: The mother, father, siblings, and grands)

Email your answer to niobiabryant@yahoo.com.


Good luck.

About Niobia Bryant

National bestselling author. Also writes as Meesha Mink.
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