NEW eBOOK RELEASE: Let’s Do it Again

TorsoLET’S DO IT AGAIN | November 1st



Malcolm and Serena Saint James fell in love when they were school kids, and thought it would last forever. But a hasty marriage at eighteen led to an even quicker divorce…and a lifelong friendship dissolved into bitterness. Even though the two clash whenever they meet, it’s obvious to everyone–especially Malcolm’s grandmother, Olvia Saint James–that they still strike sparks as well. And Mama James is determined that they reunite … one way or another.

When Olivia passes on, she wills Malcolm the cherished family home and Serena half of her $10,000 savings–if they reside in the house for ninety days … together. If not, everything goes to charity. Malcolm can’t stand to lose the beloved house, and Serena, a talented hairstylist, has long dreamed of opening her own salon. The two move back into the old place–with all their old resentments. But they’re not kids anymore …could Mama James’ legacy lead to love regained?

ldiaPlease Note: Let’s Do It Again was originally published in paperback in 2005. The paperback edition is no longer in print.


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NEW eBOOK RELEASE: Can’t Get Next To You

NiobiaBryant_CantGetNextToYou_200CAN’T GET NEXT TO YOU | October 1st


WINNER: 2005 Romantic Times Award for Best Multicultural Romance!


Gabrielle “Gabby” Dutton is in love with her boss, but he doesn’t have a clue. Although she lives in his guest house, Max has kept their relationship strictly professional and platonic, choosing to entertain a parade of gorgeous model types that gabby feels she could never compete with instead. So When Max hires Penelope Tillman, a beautiful business manager who makes it clear that she’s looking to marry him, Gabby decides it’s time to pursue the man who’s stolen her heart.


Maxwell Bennett never views his reliable assistant in a romantic light, but when Gabby returns from her trip to Georgia –after getting a sexy makeover to top all makeovers, he’s taken aback by the breathtaking beauty she’s hidden under bulky clothing and awkward glasses. They surrender to their desire for each other–until Penelope, sensing competition, spreads a nasty rumor that causes Gabby to flee. Now with his heart and his business in disarray, Max needs to find Gabby and convince her that she’s been promoted from secretary to soul mate.

cgn2uPlease Note: Can’t Get Next to You was originally published in paperback in 2005. The paperback edition is no longer in print.


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A much-needed break…

Yesterday I finally uploaded the last of my classic romances offered as Special 15th Anniversary eBook editions. It was a great way to celebrate my anniversary by reading those books for the first time in nine years or more, but I am now off to write something new. I am SO ready. And yes, I know, you all are too.

I hope everyone understands that I needed this year off. I never want to write simply for the money or a fear that the readers will soon forget me. That’s why I ended the very successful Strong series, because it would have been just for the money and not because I cared about creating new characters for that series anymore. One day? Maybe. But not now.

So, thanks for your patience during my much-needed (and much-deserved) sabbatical. Stay tuned for news on upcoming, brand spanking new releases.

I’m off to be creative…

The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means write for the purpose of making money.” -Karl Marx

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