New eBook Release: THREE TIMES A LADY

NiobiaBryant_ThreeTimesALady_200THREE TIMES A LADY | September 1st



A financial analyst who thrives on the pressure and excitement of her job, Mia Gordon is far too invested in her career to be in the market for a relationship. But when she buys a house next door to quietly attractive Jordan Banks, she suddenly finds herself wondering what it would be like to forget about business, as least long enough to surrender to passion … and maybe even love.

A single father with five matchmaking children, Jordan Banks doesn’t have time for a personal life. Yet when his kids plot to pair him with the new next-door neighbor, it doesn’t take long for Jordan to discover what he’s been missing. Beautiful, independent Mia awakens desires he’s forgotten he had. Now all he has to do is convince Mia to take on a new venture -one that includes a ready-made family … and a man who wants to be her one and only love.

ttalPlease Note: Three Times a Lady was originally published in paperback in 2001. The paperback edition is no longer in print.


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eBook Updates

Now available for orders/pre-orders via Amazon Kindle:

More and More - High ResolutionCould it BeNobiaBryant_AdmissionOfLove_200NobiaBryant_HeavenlyMatch_200


NiobiaBryant_CantGetNextToYou_200Torso     African American Looking Up

Now available for orders via Nook (pre-ordering not available):

More and More - High ResolutionCould it BeNobiaBryant_AdmissionOfLove_200NobiaBryant_HeavenlyMatch_200NiobiaBryant_ThreeTimesALady_200

Now available for orders/pre-orders via iTunes/iBooks:

More and More - High ResolutionCould it BeNobiaBryant_AdmissionOfLove_200NobiaBryant_HeavenlyMatch_200NiobiaBryant_ThreeTimesALady_200NiobiaBryant_CantGetNextToYou_200

Now available for orders via Kobo:

More and More - High ResolutionCould it Be

Thank you all for your orders and pre-orders! #Happy15thAnniversaryNiobia


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New eBook Release: Heavenly Match


HEAVENLY MATCH | August 15th

Series: Hot Holtsville #2


SHE HAS NO TIME FOR PLAYBOYS: Tough-talking Anika Foxx is a dedicated social worker with no time for games. So when she meets cocky southern playboy Deshawn Jamison at a friend’s wedding, she knows he’s not her type. She isn’t impressed by his sultry South Carolina charm or his popularity with the ladies – even if he is drop-dead gorgeous. Whatever he may think he’s got, she only has two words for him: not interested.

HE MAY LOSE AT HIS OWN GAME: A contractor by trade, Deshawn knows how to put things together. He also knows how to get any woman he wants, except for Anika Foxx. He vows to seduce her no matter what it takes, and it takes a whole year. Everything’s rosy until Anika discovers his original plan and breaks things off for good. But Deshawn has already fallen hard for her, and he’ll move heaven and earth to try and win her back.


Please Note: Heavenly Match was originally published in paperback in 2004. The paperback edition is no longer in print.


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