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Just Say yES

JUST SAY YES (A Strong Family Novella) has been hand picked by the Barnes and Noble Nook Press team as a part of its “NOOK Press Presents” list featuring exciting new and upcoming releases for October and November .

Also, stay tuned for upcoming release date of the paperback edition of JUST SAY YES. (Yup, I changed my mind! #WomansPerogative)


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In my feelings…


Years ago, I was at Romance Slam Jam and a reader gave me her copy of Three Times a Lady in the Black Expressions hardcover edition. It was my second book and my first time as a Black Expression selection  I had never seen it and she wanted me to have it. The gift moved me to tears. I think her name was Sharon. I really should remember it, especially since I promised to give her a free copy of every book I ever write. I owe her more than quite a few. My apologies to her. Blame my head and not my heart.blankspace

I bring up the story because I need for y’all to understand how grateful I am for the support you all show me. For the second time in my career, I walked away for two years, and for the second time in my career, the readers welcomed me back with open arms.
Last time I checked, JUST SAY YES was doing very well–all with no advertising or real promotion except posting on social media.
So, I cried today–a gentle tear or three and not a full blown, shoulder shaking, snot evoking rumble–but a good gentle cry of thanks and surprise. I ain’t shame. I am SO appreciative. Please know that I really love y’all for loving my books. With each book, I feel myself getting better and better. I give my all to these books of ours.  I leave it all on those pages.
Thank y’all for giving a damn. 4Real.
With much luv and appreciation,
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Now Available: Just Say Yes (A Strong Family Novella)

Just Say yES

JUST SAY YES: A Strong Family Novella is now LIVE on Kindle, Nook, iTunes and Kobo. 

SELECTION: Barnes & Noble’s  Nook Press Presents list of  exciting new and upcoming releases for October and November!

Continuing with her much-loved Strong Family series, bestselling author Niobia Bryant serves up a new romance novella that celebrates destined love…

NEEMA ALI has just suffered a break-up that’s made her gun shy on love. She doubts she will ever repair her heart and risk its well-being again, even if love and happily-ever-after is the tradition of her beloved Strong family.

DANE JACKSON was raised to believe that the male members of his family find their soul mate once they possess the Jackson heart—a slave relic one of his ancestors made in celebration of his love for his wife. Dane’s no stranger to beautiful woman, but he is looking for something more than just the physical…especially when he meets Neema Ali on the very night his aunt bestows the Jackson heart to him.

Dane must believe his feelings for Neema are more than just a fiery physical attraction and Neema must release the hold her pain has on her heart, to allow a good man to give her the good love she deserves.

In time, they both discover they are stronger and happier together than they are apart…if they both just say yes to love.




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