Currently I write in four different genres:

  • Romance:  A classic romance.  Boy meets girl and girl gets mad at boy (or vice versa), boy and girl make up and live happily ever after.  If you are not a fan of these mass market babies and like more drama filled storylines then this book is not for you.  Although I do believe I write romance that are more realistic and sexy than most, I understand that not everyone enjoys the genre.


  • Mainstream/Commercial Fiction: these books have some strong language, lots of drama, adult themes and sex.  The mainstream novels are all about drama but also growth.  These hardly ever have the romantic happily ever as the character face real life situations that do not always lead to a satisfying end.  There may be some violent situations but nothing as strong as my urban fiction.


  • Urban Fiction : There are lots of  strong language, violence, and plenty of sex.  Although the characters may do illegal things to “make it” or survive,  I never glorify them or their story. In fact, there’s a message in the madness.


  • Young Adult/Teen Fiction: This is completely for tweens, teens and teens at heart. Also I chose not to have ANY profanity or pre-marital sex in the books because I want anyone from nine and up to enjoy a story that is all about fun and frivolity–just as it should be for children, right? (Adults: if you are unable to take yourself back in time to being a tween or teen then please do not read my books or post reviews bashing it because….you are an adult who can not remember being a tween. o_O. I wrote this for my younger cousins who were excited to read books by their cousin “the writer”. It’s not for adults! Duh!!)

To learn more about my releases in each genre:

Romance Fiction

Mainstream/Commercial Fiction

Urban Fiction

Young Adult/Teen Fiction